We are Impact Performance Coaching.

We believe that every football player should have the resources to be the best player they can be. We offer individual tactical analyses and performance coaching based on innovative video- and data analysis. Impact Performance Coaching wants to help all players improve their tactical skills and improve their on-field performances.

Reach your goals.

Whatever your goals are, let’s reach them together. Using our unique approach to performance coaching, you can reach your goals faster and become a better football player. Improve positioning, spatial awareness, body orientation, and general tactical skills through highly effective video analysis. Give yourself the right conditions to handle every game situation, and make better decisions in the heat of the moment.

What we stand for.

We started Impact Performance Coaching because we believe in the power of individual football players. We want to help players and football clubs by improving players’ individual tactical skills. We achieve this through innovative video and data analysis, focusing on helping players maximize their positive impact on the field. For themselves and for their clubs.

With years of experience in performance analysis and backgrounds in coaching and sport science, Impact Performance Coaching can help you improve your individual development process. We have already worked with players in the Champions League, Serie A, Eredivisie and other leagues all over the world. Let’s work together to reach your full potential.


Professional football players deserve the best coaching. Find out how we use video- and data analysis to create the insights you need to maximize your positive impact on the pitch.


Individual player development is time-consuming, but worth it. With our unique approach to video-analysis, we can support you in your development process. Find out how we can help you create value.


Your players deserve the best individual coaching. Impact performance coaching can help your players improve their tactical skills and make them stand out on the pitch, every game.