Frequently Asked Questions

Find an overview of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that’s not in the list, please do not hesitate to contact us!


No. In our coaching sessions we always ask the player what the coach wants to see from him in the specific situation we are discussing at that moment. Usually, the player knows exactly what is expected from him by the coach. Using this information, we work together to find the optimal way to execute the action that is needed in that situation.

It can happen that a player doesn’t know exactly what the coach wants from him in a certain situation. In that case, a player can either use our clips to ask the coach what is expected of him, or we can find the optimal choice and execution in that situation by using our extensive database of example videos.

Where professional football players train to become better players, we become better analysts by analyzing a lot of football matches. We started by simply coding all the actions a player performs during a match. After a while, when we had quite a lot of clips of individual Game Actions, we started analyzing which actions were performed in which situations, and which factors influenced the success of the action. We also analyzed a lot of elite players, to learn how they handled certain situations.

Using this method, we have gathered and developed our knowledge about individual tactics step by step, and we’re still learning new things every day.

Sometimes, but usually we do the coaching sessions with a video-call. We would love to visit everyone of our players every week, but we also work with players in Italy, Croatia and even as far as South Korea, so it isn’t always as feasible to visit! 

We also believe that there is a benefit to doing the sessions online. Because the player is in control of his videos, watching on his own screen, he’s quite literally taking charge of his own development!

That depends on the player. With most of the players we work with we have an agreement that we analyse every game wherein they play 60 minutes or more. But with some players we have different arrangement, for example that after every two games, the player decides which of the two he would want to analyse. The player decides!

That also depends on the player. Generally, we use the first session to establish which Game Actions are most relevant for the player. This depends (among other things) on his playing position, the team tactics, and the personal qualities and preferences of the player. Some players prefer to start working on their defensive actions first, while others prefer to start with their attacking skills.

Further along in the process we discuss with the player to decide what we are going to work on next.

Even though it can differ between players, the process almost always has the following four components:

  • Analyze: We code and analyze the actions of the player’s last game. In this analysis we assess the choice and execution of each action.
  • Reflect: Together with the player, we plan a coaching session before his next match. In this session we discuss a certain amount of Game Actions, where we make the player aware of the impact of his actions on the game through specific questions.
  • Prepare: Based on the session, we make a pre-match video, in which we highlight the most important topics that we discussed. By watching this video before his game, the player can focus on making an impact.
  • Perform: Match time. In the match, the player can apply the things he has learned on his game, to keep improving his performance.

This process repeats after every game.  

At the start of the process we usually discuss two Game Actions: one defensive action, and one attacking action. We believe that this allows the player to easily focus on these two aspects of his game, and get results quickly and sustainably.

As the process progresses, we can always adjust the amount of Game Actions we discuss in a session based on the tactical level and personal preferences of the player.

With our Focus-session, we only discuss one Game Action per session. In these sessions we purely focus on one aspect of the player’s game, to get even quicker results.

That entirely depends on how quickly the player becomes aware of the Game Action and applies the insights from the sessions in his game. Also, some Game Actions are more difficult to recognize and improve than others. 

During the coaching process we will find out which Game Actions are the most valuable ones to analyze and work on for the player. Together, we will set goals and decide when it’s time to shift focus to new Game Actions.

We think the most important part of the process is that the player notices his own development, through analyzing his own actions on the pitch. We regularly ask players about the differences in their behavior and consciousness compared to earlier games. This way, players get to see their individual development with their own eyes.

In addition to that, we also monitor players’ statistics and our own tactical performance reports, with which we can objectively map every player’s individual development.

That’s up to you! We will do everything we can to give you the tools that you need to improve yourself. How quickly you apply these tools, is up to you.

In a coaching session we video-call with the player. The player usually calls with his phone, and has a second screen (laptop, tablet or other phone) to watch the clips. We share the clips with the player using Dropbox. It’s helpful to install the Dropbox app on your device, and make sure the shared folder is available offline, for the best image quality.

During the session we discuss a few Game Actions with the player, usually two or three. For each Game Action, we normally discuss around eight to ten clips, where a certain aspect of the Game Action is highlighted (ie. body orientation, position or scanning).

By asking concise, open questions with every clip, we make players aware of the influence of their actions. Together, we will come to new insights and provide tools to get even better at those Game Actions in the next match.

Yes, we work with every player that wants to work with us. It does help enormously if you have video footage of your own matches, because we believe that you learn fastest when you’re analyzing your own actions. If you don’t have footage of your own performances, there are also possibilities of analyzing clips of how elite players perform certain Game Actions, or specific players you look up to and want to learn from.

We are also working on developing online courses, so that every football player can learn more about individual tactics. In these courses we discuss certain Game Actions, using examples from some of the best players in the world.