Give players the extra individual attention they need

In professional football, there is always a next match and never enough time to prepare. Video analysis is of great value to a coach and the team to learn from the last match and prepare for the next. Good analysis takes time, a lot of it. That’s where Impact can help you. We have the experience and processes to analyse your games, thoroughly and quickly. We can provide you with team analysis and individual player analysis. Give yourself time to focus on performance.

Make an impact.

Impact’s Individual Video Analysis will give you:

  • More time to focus on individual development
  • Insights in all your player’s actions, on- and off-ball
  • Tools to improve your players individual tactical skills
  • 24 hours after the match

We do the analyzing, so you can develop your players. Get better results on the pitch, where it counts. Check out how this process has worked for our players.


  • We analyze all your players’ actions
  • On-ball and off-ball
  • Structured and organized per game and per player
  • Within 24 hours


  • Evaluation of choice and execution in every action
  • Tactical visualizations
  • Data reports
  • Within 48 hours


  • Ready-to-use presentations for individual development sessions
  • Impact consultancy