We make football simple.

Game Actions are the actions that football players perform during a match.

At Impact, we code and analyze all the individual choices that a player faces on the pitch. By breaking the game down into small, easily recognizable situations, we are able to highlight the effects of certain choices within every football action.

Impact has collected these Game Actions for years. Using our own analysis software, we have analyzed how the best players in the world perform these actions. Watching hundreds (or even thousands) of clips of specific Game Actions performed by elite players has given us tremendous insights on the results of certain choices, in every situation.

For the players, football is a game of actions: Approaching, Ground duelling, Dribbling, Depth passing. As soon as one action is finished, the next one begins. Impact codes and analyzes all the Game Actions a player executes, and with our unique individual coaching process we help players get better, every game.