We make football simple.

Simply put, Game Actions are the behaviors that football players exhibit during a match. But they are so much more than that. Our unique Game Actions are the result of years of individual video analysis.

We have distilled over 50 distinct Game Actions. These are actions that players perform in specific situations, all with their own goal. For example: when an opponent receives the ball in your zone, you may choose to perform the Game Action Approaching. The goal of this Game Action is to either force the opponent towards less valuable spaces, or recover the ball.

With the goal of all these Game Actions in mind, we have analyzed the world’s best footballers to find how these elite players execute their Game Actions successfully. Using this detailed individual video-analysis, we formulated the executions that determine whether players are able to reach the goal of their Game Action. In the Game Action Approaching, some of the key executions are Moment, Speed, and Direction. 

For the players, football is a game of actions. Approaching, Ground duelling, Dribbling, Depth passing. As soon as one action is finished, the next one begins. Impact codes and analyzes all Game Actions a players executes, and with our unique individual coaching process, we create awareness and facilitate individual development.