Learn how to get the most out of every player on the pitch, in every situation.

At Impact, everything revolves around the tactical choices made by an individual player. By examining the consequences of individual choices down to the smallest details, participants gain insights that can directly be applied in practice.

Course content

The course is structured around tactical themes. Within these themes, we will zoom in on the most impactful Game Actions shown on the left.

Complete course 

The complete course handles all themes. One theme takes about eight weeks to complete, so you can bring your new knowledge to practice quickly and already will be learning the next! The complete course takes about 40 weeks (one season).

Theme course

In the theme course you can choose one theme you want to work on. A theme takes about eight weeks to complete. While registration you can pick the one(s) available at that time.

What you will learn

After each theme covered, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the most impactful individual actions within the theme.
  • Recognize the consequences of individual choices and form an objective and well-reasoned judgment about them.
  • Identify the relevant executions that influence the outcome of the actions.
  • Determine how the executions can be performed to achieve the goal of the action.
  • Make players aware of their choices within an action, and to assist them in finding and training for optimal execution of the action.

How you will learn

Learning Method

Half of the time will be spent on-site, focusing on learning new Game Actions, discussing analyses, and engaging in discussions. The other half of the time, participants will work on their own at home to conduct analyses. Additionally, we will make extensive use of video material featuring top players from our own database. Participants are challenged to think for themselves in order to gain their own insights.

Impact Assist

Throughout the course, participants will work extensively with our own analysis tool, ‘Impact Assist.’ Impact Assist enables the analysis of matches to be seen and made from an individual perspective. By continuously analyzing each choice and execution, participants will become very aware of the choices, consequences, and optimal execution for individual actions in a relatively short period of time.

Learning Environment

The sessions will take place in person in Groningen. We consider the physical aspect important because, in our view, it provides the best learning environment for substantive and in-depth discussions.


We have a maximum of six participants to ensure optimal attention for each individual. Minimal participants for each course is three.


Kevin Brander (left)

Co-owner, performance coach, and teacher at Impact. Since 2018, I have been working as a performance coach primarily for professional football players. Also, I am a teacher for the courses and programs offered at Impact. I derive the most satisfaction from moments when a player or student gains a new insight, which is why I ask (a lot) of questions, try to empathize with the student’s practice at their club, and  encourage them to think progressively.

Martin Darneviel (right)

Co-owner, performance coach, and teacher at Impact. Since 2018, I have been working as a performance coach primarily for professional football players. Also, I am a teacher for the courses and programs offered at Impact. For me it’s all about creating awareness. Our methodology is a tool to create this and expand it. If I see a player or student becoming aware during a match or in a session that’s wonderfull to see and would never bore me! I try to create this through asking questions and showing contrast in similar game situations.

Basic information

Target Audience

Coaches and video-analysts working at any level.


Laptop is essential during classes and a second monitor for home assignments is recommended.


Groningen, Leonard Springerlaan 7

Course date and duration

  • The theme course has eight meetings and the complete course has around 40 meetings (September – May)
  • One meeting every Monday or Wednesday
  • Physical meetings take up to max two hours
  • Home assignments take up to 1,5 hour

Start dates of theme course and complete course:

  • Monday, September 11th, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Wednesday, September 13th, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


Theme course €249

Complete course €1149

Registration costs are 10% of the course fee. The remainder is billed after the minimum number of participants is reached.


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